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Meet the Tuners

If your piano is broken or out of tune, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are; the music you produce on it just won’t sound right. At Bondy Piano, we offer the services you need to make your piano sound just the way it should. Our company is owned and operated by technicians and tuners with a deep background in music. That means when you turn to us for piano tuning and repair, you can rest assured that we’ll treat the instrument with the respect it deserves--and produce the high-quality results that only an expert could.

Tuner Joe.

Joe has been with us for over 30 years. He and Peter Bondy trained together at Berklee College of Music during the 1980's! Joe is a terrific pianist who gigs in NYC and is a fine accompanist to many of the best vocalists in the city.

Tuner Walter.

Walter has been with us for about 20 years. Hailing from Vienna, Austria he came to us with Bösendorfer training. Walter, along with his wife Elizabeth is a sought after working musician. He divides much of his time between Europe and North America.

Tuner Max.

Max has been with us for nearly 20 years. From the Ukraine, he trained as a piano technician in both Moscow and NYC. Max also trained as a classical musician, but has a propensity for funk and jazz.

Tuner Xing Hai.
Xing Hai

Xing Hai came to us with extensive piano factory experience from China, and has worked with us for 15 years. In his first year he learned not only English, but the piano lexicon as well. His talents as a piano technician has led Peter to describe him as his “right hand man”.

Tuner Jeff.

Jeff has been working with us for seven years. He began his career as a piano technician about the same time as Peter. He is a sought after piano tuner and over the years has worked for the very best piano companies in NYC, including international piano concerns.

A lion of Venice